Google Analytics 4 Replacing Google Universal

Google Analytics 4 Replacing Google Universal

Google Analytics getting a new version in July 2023 - GA4

In October, Google announced an important shift to Google Analytics from Universal to GA.


There is a lot to learn with incomparable updates and of course it’s natural to wonder how this will affect anyone using the platform.

Here is a little background:

  • There has been several changes to Google Analytics so far, with the last one, GA4, introduced Oct 2020.
  • It will replace the UA version in July 2023, and there won’t be any data collection in the older version.
  • New version has fundamental changes in comparison with the previous one.
  •  In fact, quite a few organizations already started to make the change, since they'd rather collect some data and use them for benchmarkeing, than suddenly switching to new metrics and numbers.


So the question is what are those changes, here are some of them:


Improve ROI with data-driven attribution
Using data-0driven attribution models to analyze the full impact of your marketing across the customer journey. It assigns attribution credit to more than just the last click using your Analytics data, and helps you understand how your marketing activities collectively influence your conversions. You can export that analysis to Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform media tools to optimize campaigns.

Measure engagement and conversions with business and compliance needs in mind
With new country-level privacy controls in Canada, Europe, etc. you can manage and minimize the collection of user-level data — like cookies and metadata — while preserving key measurement functionality.

Get greater value from your data
Machine learning generates sophisticated predictions about user behavior and conversions, creates new audiences of users likely to purchase or churn and automatically surfaces critical insights to improve your marketing.

Easily activate your insights
Expanded integrations with other Google products, like Google Ads, work across your combined web and app data, making it easy to use Analytics insights to optimize your campaigns.


Also, there are more stuff on the technical levels to pay attention to, for example:


  • User Interface has changed, including some names, labels, etc.
  • Measurement model is now more Event-Based than pre-defined metrics.
  • Stronger cross device and platform tracking is now available.
  • There are no more multiple views and it's more of a tool with universal filters.
  • Session is not 30 min anymore, but the span between first and last event.
  • There is no bounce rate or page view anymore, but engagement metrics.
  • Notion of custom dimensions & metrics is changing to event parameters. 
  • Data retention – 2month or 24months
  • IP anonymization is activated
  • And more ......


I hope this helps you for the change to come, if you more information or help, feel free to book us for a quicck call.


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