Social media for startups in B2B environment

Social media for startups in B2B environment

Does social media help B2B startups to grow?

An eight-month study of three companies

Social media has always been seen as the playground for B2B companies. While it’s true that in the B2B environment mostly the top and big companies leveraging social media to improve their business (such as MaerskDeloitte ), it doesn’t mean that startups and SMEs don’t have a place in the social media arena.

There are companies of all segments that have already tasted success with B2B social media marketing, and continue to grow as a result of tapping into the major social networks for more customers. By this, I don't mean only prospecting potential customers, but more of nurturing the right target audience.


Back in 2017, when I was a master's student in Intercultural Marketing at Copenhagen Business School, and at the same time working in one of the most successful startups I know, Queue-it within the digital marketing area, I was challenged again and again to improve customer engagement on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. That was when I thought I should read more about this. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much information about the niche I was looking for. It was a big enough reason for me to spend more than 8 months digging deep in academic resources, collect data, and interview quite a few people to write my thesis about my own challenge.

Nowadays, looking at B2B startups, I usually see how they struggle with setting up their strategies because of not knowing some of the basics. This is why I thought there might be some people out there who are actually interested in seeing the study and learning about the findings. Therefore, I'm happy to present the work here for anyone who is interested.



"The motivational factors behind customers' engagement with SMEs’ on social media platforms in the B2B environment”